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#3742 - 05/30/10 08:57 AM The OT RoC (And A Beginner's Guide To Survival In OT)
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***This forum is restricted to users 18 and over. Every attempt has been made to prevent access to those under the age of 18.



OT-NHB Rules of Conduct
These forums are for discussing Off Topic items. World affairs, politics, religion, headline news, and general items of interest to the posters at large. Anything and everything will be discussed here with very few exceptions. If you're new to OT, put on your flame retardant suit, as things can and often do get hot around here.

A. Help build the Community. While not a requirement in OT, the success of our forums depends upon the quality posts of our participants. We are proud of the success of our forums and give our thanks to those who have chosen to make our forums their out-of-game home. To ensure continued success we are posting these guidelines so that all participants of the forums understand what is considered unacceptable behavior in the forums and can result in a temporary suspension or a permanent ban.

B. Personal attacks are permissible. Specific threats of violence or intent to do harm to another poster or family are not.

C. Trolling is allowed

D. Private Messages received on these Forums are to be considered private and are not to be posted publicly unless the sender of the private message agrees.

E. Participant shall not post messages containing personal phone numbers, addresses or a poster's real name. Unless this information can be freely obtained from public sources on the Internet.

J. Spamming the forums is prohibited.

K. Not responding to or ignoring moderator warnings can lead to Harassment, Heckling, Special code being put in the forums to make fun of you. We may also make a phone call to your parents to tell them not to love you anymore. If this does not work someone may ban you.

Really the community polices itself and if you feel that a poster has gone to far. Well take a deep breath and think about it. Could be no one likes you and you should get a thicker skin.


An Accumulation of Advice From OT Veterans Compiled by EvilNinja

*ninja appearance*

Welcome, new blood. Several of our veteran posters have compiled guidelines to follow to make your stay here as painless as possible. Please read them... or, at least, look them over - they might save you a bit of anguish if you decide to join in on our little chum party.
Originally Posted By: Dani

A few things all newbies should know about OT:

1. OT is what it is. If you're easily offended, this isn't the place for you.

2. OT is a place where many people exercise their juvenile talents and show how ridiculous, childish and petty they can be. It's fun for them, and entertaining to many of the rest. Saying "that's the best you can do" or "how junior high" is ineffective and makes you look a bit uptight.

3. OT is tolerant of intolerance, not offended by offensiveness and loves the seemingly unlovable. If this kind of chaotic, illogical existence baffles or confuses you, again, this isn't the place for you.

4. OT is a land of dog eat dog, kill or be killed mentality. If you get your panties in a bunch over every little jab sent your way, you're not going to last very long.

If you like it and think you can deal with it, then stay and welcome to you. If not, then please unbunch your pretty pink panties before making your way to the nearest exit.

Originally Posted By: Fanny Adams

There's a right way and a wrong way to do anything and if you want to stick around in here and make it with this school of sharks, here's a couple of tips to help you distinguish between them. Your choice if you take the advice, but don't say you weren't told...

Rule One: Do not, repeat, do NOT walk in here and brag in your first posts about how "bad ass" you are. Half our population of regulars have been professional trolls for years and they will take you down HARD if you try to play AlphaDog before you've made your bones. If you really are as bad ass as you think you are, it will show soon enough and you'll fit right in.

Rule Two: NEVER let on that someone has offended you with any comments, no matter how nasty they were or how much you really were offended. All that does is chum the waters and send the sharks into a feeding frenzy. They will see it as weakness and return again and again to push that button.

Rule Three: Give as good as you get but don't rush in to initiate unless you are prepared for the bloodletting. You can actually be nice in here if you want to and people will be nice right back atcha - hey we're not ALL arseholes! But if you start the slanging matches, especially unprovoked, you are painting a large target on your arse and none of us can resist that lure.

Rule Four: Anything you say can and will be held against you forever ad finitum. Some of us *whistles innocently* love nothing better than to be able to search the archives and throw back your words in your face years later.

Rule Five: First impressions count!! Fuck it up in the beginning and you'll be fighting an uphill battle for a very long time to try to change that impression.

Good luck n00bs and if you're smart, you'll be swimming with the sharks in no time. If not, oh well, you'll make a tasty lunch for some of us!

Corollary One: It doesn't matter who you are outside of here, Moderator or Mr/Ms Popularity or how many friends you think you have in your posse, your status in here is ZILCH until you prove yourself on your own merits.
Corollary Two: Never ask for mercy! If you've fucked up your entry, suck it up and try it the right way. It will take time but you CAN recover from a bad entry. Crying about it and asking people to give you a break and "let's start fresh" will only encourage us!

Originally Posted By: Ellehcim

I thought I would throw one out there. OT always welcomes good posters. This board is different from other forums and lurking is recommended. In addition I would like to explain what will get you in trouble really quick around here.

1. Be yourself. We do not roleplay around here. That does not mean you are required to give your real name or anything, in fact that is discouraged for safety reasons. However, if you come here trying to be something you are not it will smell like a fart in a car. We do not like posers.

2. There ain't no clique. If in doubt see #2. OT is more like a barroom brawl than a clique. People who were best friends in one thread will be going at it like cats and dogs in another. The lines shift back and forth. This is not high school people, grow up.

3. Dont expect to be right. Dont proclaim to be right. Unless you are using it as part of Ogliff's gudelines in advanced trolling then you will suck at it. If you dont know if you will suck at it then you will suck at it. Stating your opinion is not the same as expecting to be right. We like opinions around here. We prefer them when backed with a logical argument with supporting data. Remember, there is no right or wrong in a discussion unless you are agreeing with me.

4. Do not proclaim you have won. See reference to Orgliff's guidelines in rule #3.

5. Dont threaten us with your possee. If you are too weak to stand here alone then you do not belong here. More important, we dont care. If you cannot understand this see rule #2.

6. Announcing that you are a mod, admin, etc from stratics or any other BBS (I know I am dating myself here) in the universe just excites us. You see, unlike other forums we are not required to show respect. Respect has to be earned here and the suits have to work harder to get there. Dont make life harder on yourself than it will already be.

7. There is no pity in OT. There is no crying in OT. Nobody likes a victim in OT (ok, Wisty will be your friend, PM her, she likes that). The strong survive and thrive here. The weak are culled from the herd.

The people who stay are great people to have at your back in an emergency because we keep it real here. Good Luck and hopefully you catch me on a good day... Ellehcim

For an alternate view...
Originally Posted By: baraka66

Fuck the guide.

And saved over the course of many years, yet still as relevant today as it was way back when...

The Elements of Trolling by Orglif

Step One: Case the Joint. No, this has nothing to do with weed. When preparing for a troll, take a moment to survey your environment. Do a headcount. If you have to, spend a day or two lurking and watching the flow of conversation between members to get an idea of the who's who and what's what of your mark.

Step Two: Pick a Choice Topic. My favorites are religion, politics, or sexuality. People are more willing to do battle when it's something they feel strongly about, and with those three topics are you more likely to find the people you need to pull a game like this off. Choose wisely, and pick something you're at least remotely familiar with so you don't sound like a complete ass.

Step Three: Get into Character. Your topic has been picked and you're gearing up for some fun. Now the key is to develop an attitude or a character of sorts, a persona that you want to play. Something wholly contradictory to the status quo that you observed during your time Casing the Joint. It's imperative that you choose a persona that won't come across as brash or ignorant on a non-confrontational platform, as during your challenge you'll be under criticism from all fronts and need as much footing as you can get. If you at least sound articulate, you'll get more attention and be twice as irritating to your mark.

Step Four: Set Your Bait. At first, you'll be temped to start your own thread and fill it with nonsensical idiocy. AVOID THIS. Your best bet is to take an existing topic and drop a simple one or two sentence troll and leave it alone, letting the line grow still as the fish sniff your worm. It's important that you sound serious enough to have your opinion considered, and yet silly enough to illicit a reaction from the general population who feels the need to "correct" you. Avoid base, crude nonsense like: "FUKK U SUCK @#%$" as the scope and range of your audience will diminish almost instantaneously when people realize you're nothing more than a stupid kid who never learned how to communicate. Remember: the less you say, the less they'll have to use against you. My personal favorite is an offhand joke, a snide remark or quip that offers very little of my persona's opinion, but reeks of condescension and generally leaves a foul taste in the reader's mouth. It's the quickest way to get a bite.

Step Five: Keep Your Calm. Once someone snags your bait, maintain a cool head and keep your focus. Don't spring at the first person to nibble; there are often people in groups who'll take the altruistic approach and bite soft, hoping to lure you out of hiding and reveal your true intentions. Don't be fooled. Tug back, but gently. Defend your position with enough energy to ruffle a few more feathers, but play it soft. The softer you tug, the more people you'll get hooked on your line tugging back.

Step Six: Yank the Line. You've gotten 4 or 5 people hooked to your crap now. They've surrendered their attention to you and are now yours to @#%$ with. At this point, feel free to yank the line as hard as you like. Remember though! Articulation and coherency are the key here! I usually single out one person on the line to hit the hardest; not the dumbest or the dullest as they'll quickly surrender to scrambled flames and stupidity. Pick someone intelligent--smart enough to fight back, but not smart enough to smell your troll. Say things they DONT want to hear in a manner they cannot help but listen to; again, avoid FUKK COK DICK TAMPON SMOKER as they wont listen to it.

Step Seven: Stamina, Stamina, Stamina. The battles might be long, twisted, and brutal, sometimes lasting for days. The trick is to keep that level head and constantly be aware of your opponents. More than once you'll be counter-trolled: someone trolling you back hoping to ruffle your feathers and make you loose footing. It's important to see those coming, and call them on it. Remember, you're aren't trolling, you're debating. At least, that's what you want them to think, right?

Step Eight: Stay Mobile. This means always be on your toes. Once a person is defeated (easily identified by their lack of participation or incoherency) move on to someone else quickly. If you linger on someone who's already bowed out, you'll come across as impetuous and rude. This is a joke you're playing on people; it's important that you remember this so that you'll always have the pretense of good humor to fall back on. Be sure they're really done before moving on, though, as having to reply to multiple participants can get strenuous.

Step Nine: Bow Out. Don't just disappear from the havoc you've created. Make it known that you're leaving the mess, often because "they just don't understand," or another semi-valid excuse. Leave on a note that offers nothing and they'll have nothing to try and tug you back with. You'll be tempted, for sure, but once you bite their lure, you are nothing but a monkey dancing for THEM this time. Gracefully step away from the mess, and don't look back (unless you want to keep it for a scrapbook).


Okay, that's it. You can churn the waters in virtually any environment with these 9 basic steps. Class dismissed.
Other guidelines may be added in the future, but this should get you going. Yes, it's a lot, but get over it. Of course, you could choose to ignore the helpful suggestions and jump right into the deep end, but don't go crying to momma when you get your feelings hurt.

*ninja escape*

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#3743 - 05/30/10 08:58 AM Re: The OT RoC (And A Beginner's Guide To Survival In OT) [Re: Dani]
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Obviously some of the RoC won't apply. I just C/P'd and deleting the references to Stratics until we get a RoC for this place nailed down. alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" />

#3745 - 05/30/10 09:04 AM Re: The OT RoC (And A Beginner's Guide To Survival In OT) [Re: Dani]
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Done...but with errors on the page.

#3746 - 05/30/10 09:10 AM Re: The OT RoC (And A Beginner's Guide To Survival In OT) [Re: Dani]
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Originally Posted By: Dani
Obviously some of the RoC won't apply. I just C/P'd and deleting the references to Stratics until we get a RoC for this place nailed down. alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" />

RoC? Easy.

Everything NSFW goes in the NSFW forum. Everything else... Here.


#3904 - 05/30/10 07:10 PM Re: The OT RoC (And A Beginner's Guide To Survival In OT) [Re: Zin]
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I think the "nothing illegal, no threats of actual personal violence" should stay.

Other than that? We've got NSFW for teh pronz.

#3955 - 05/30/10 10:52 PM Re: The OT RoC (And A Beginner's Guide To Survival In OT) [Re: Faerunner]
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The Wisty divide is, can you wish and hope and fake-threaten you're gonna do violence to someone (I wish you'd DIAF; I hope you DIAF; if I was there, I'd make you DIAF). So for threats, someone needs to draw the legal line for us fucktards who will push it all the time.
I thought that pain and truth were things that really mattered, but you can't stay here with every single hope you had shattered.

#4002 - 05/31/10 01:15 AM Re: The OT RoC (And A Beginner's Guide To Survival In OT) [Re: Dani]
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Originally Posted By: Dani
E. Participant shall not post messages containing personal phone numbers, addresses or a poster's real name.

Does this apply to situations similar to what happened with alt="2gc" title="2gc" height="40" width="75" />?

I mean...I've always considered the first rule of the internet to be "If you don't want it made public then don't put it on the internet."
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#4013 - 05/31/10 06:36 AM Re: The OT RoC (And A Beginner's Guide To Survival In OT) [Re: Drakken Payne]
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Originally Posted By: Drakken Payne
Originally Posted By: Dani
E. Participant shall not post UNWANTED messages containing personal phone numbers, addresses or a poster's real name.

Does this apply to situations similar to what happened with alt="2gc" title="2gc" height="40" width="75" />?

I mean...I've always considered the first rule of the internet to be "If you don't want it made public then don't put it on the internet."

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#4060 - 05/31/10 12:23 PM Re: The OT RoC (And A Beginner's Guide To Survival In OT) [Re: Drakken Payne]
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#4215 - 05/31/10 08:24 PM Re: The OT RoC (And A Beginner's Guide To Survival In OT) [Re: Major Miner II]
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RoCs are made to be broken....


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